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I am an Appalachian, multimedia movement artist from West Virginia that loves to break the barriers of the stage to challenge communities to reexamine their connections to the world around them. I am inspired by the ephemeral moments of nature; capturing them through live movement performances, film, & blending the experience of 2D & 4D through painting my body and moving within the landscape.


I find that my work is largely collaborative in nature, relying on the creative spark that emanates from the landscape around me as well as other dancers, musicians and audience members. I invite audiences to realize the larger world beyond themselves; to illuminate an experience of self awareness and contemplation. To engage the audience in a sojourn or journey not only within themselves, but also to the environment.


As an educator, I aim to grow the love of art and nature with my students, inspiring people around me to create movement and art that embody confidence, strength & resiliency. I want to create an environment that nurtures passionate movers who are insightful about their own bodies, the space they occupy, and the creative process. My favorite classes are with students who have never experienced the joys of dancing before. I curate their experience of dance to meet them where they are and mold to their interests and abilities; with the goal of instilling the love/appreciation of movement.

Teaching Experience

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               Zoë's teaching experience is a culmination of teaching artisty experience, dance technique classes, and interdisciplinary teaching practices. She began teaching through an apprentice program at The Dance Factory under Nina Scattaregia and has been teaching both in person & virtual for over 8 years. She is currently on staff as a substitute at the Peabody Preparatory Dance Department and is part of their staff for 2022-2023 Season, and Summer 2023 & 2024. In the Spring of 2021-May 2023, Zoë added a dance portion of Sister's Academy in West Baltimore's After School Programming & Summer Programming. Zoë is also an instructor for Augusta Heritage Center's Folk Arts for Kids, leading through a STEAM approach to learning with hands on activities. Zoë has also expanded her teaching range through  positions at AileyCamp Baltimore, Pilgrim Christian Day School, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre & private lessons.

Sister's Academy Outreach 2021

Pilgrim Day School Outreach 2021

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