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ZBRI Dance Ensemble

What began as a serendipitous collaboration in 2019 has become ZBRI Dance Ensemble, a collective of dancers who join Zoë Bri to perform in shows, site specific happenings, outreach programs and films.

Some of their notable performances included a collaboration with the Peabody Vocal Department for John Cage's Songbooks, "WE. A Study of Conflict.", In Progress, a full-length show featuring a live creation process with musicians and dancers, and ZBRI Ensemble with Jack Glantz & Friends in May 2022. This October Zoë co produced a show involving ZBRI Dance Ensemble. “The Galaxy Brain Experience” written by Joe Cahill is a production involving live hip hop musicians, dancers, a string ensemble, and animation. First premiered in April of 2023 with ZBRI Dance Ensemble, the company got the Audience Choice Award for the 2023 Charm City Fringe Festival. 

DSC_4422 (1).JPG

We. A Study of Conflict.

Baltimore Theatre Project, 2022


Arcana Embodied

Film, 2023


John Cage's Songbook Collaboration

Immersive Experience, 2022

Joe Byrd Hall 2023
Charm City Fringe-
Audience Choice Award 2023

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 8.33.27 PM.png

The Galaxy Brain Experience


We. A Study of Conflict.
Outreach Program

Sister's Academy of Baltimore, 2022


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